About Us

Hello Boba Enthusiasts,

There is an urgent problem plaguing us every day, week, month, and year. Just in case you are a boba virgin I will explain to you what I mean… There are just no more good boba places out there! I’m sorry if the truth hurts but all I see are mediocre beverages and a lack of understanding of what makes the boba experience so special to us. I know everyone reading this understands what I mean when they enter a boba shop and leave dissatisfied with their thirst unquenched. Worry not, my dear friends! HoneyLeafBoba is here to satisfy your tastebud needs! We’re a group of passionate and experienced boba baristas who understand the value a great boba experience can have on your day. We have spent enormous amount of time and energy researching how to produce the quality boba you’re expecting when you walk into our shop. The path has been paved, the foundation has been set, the formula is finally perfect. All you need to do is step into our doors and enjoy the ride we call “getting boba”.

~ Owner


Visit us @ Yuma Palms

1325 S Yuma Palms Pwky, STE B3
Yuma, AZ 85365